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About the Show

     The History or Something Like It Podcast is a bi-monthly show where we take a look at little known historical figures and events, challenge misconceptions about our history, debunk the claims of pseudo-historians, and try to answer questions to those historical mysteries that fascinate us today.

     It is our hope in producing this show that we can both educate and entertain, and perhaps, also inspire your love of history to grow even more than it already has. We are always open to various topics and love hearing from our listeners, so feel free to contact us with show ideas.

About the Host

     The History or Something Like it Podcast is hosted by Chris Cowan. Chris Cowan is a lifelong history buff and lover of all things relating to our past. He is currently working on his Bachelors of History, with minors in Communications and Professional Writing. He is expected to graduate Summa Cum Laude in 2018.

     Other than hosting the History or Something Like It Podcast and attending school, Chris enjoys hiking, kayaking, and camping in both his home state of Missouri, as well as other places throughout the United States. Chris also enjoys playing tabletop strategy games as well creating and running Pathfinder games for his children, although he has not succeeded in getting his lovely wife to play along.


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Have an idea for a future episode? Notice a mistake or error in our show? Want to know an awesome recipe for a killer BBQ bacon cheeseburger chili? Feel free to contact us for any reason using the form below. 

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The History or Something Like It Podcast is made possible through the donations of our listeners. While we will always remain a free source of entertainment and education, we greatly appreciate every donation that we receive, regardless of the amount. If you would like to donate to our show, pledges can be made through Patreon.